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Tunisia is close to the main European capitals and has plenty of connecting flights to these every week. As well as the convenience of the flight and the savings in transport costs, Tunisia is a fantastic destination for shorter events in an exotic location. There’s the Sahara (which has been used as the location for many films, including the classic Star Wars saga) as well as prestigious sites like the El Dem amphitheatre. Tunisia is the perfect destination for product launches and commemorations, combining originality and solutions to suit all budgets.

Palm Groves

Impressive palm groves, like the Corbeille in Nefta, are fantastic venues for dinners against a backdrop of a lush green forest or a luxuriant garden.

Sandy desert

Cocktails in the dunes at sunset, dinner in a Berber tent or a night in a tent with every convenience you could need … Nearby hotels mean that it’s easy to organise any type of event here.


Alongside an oasis or isolated in the midst of endless sand dunes, there are plenty of camps and inns in the Sahara for groups. Some offer rustic accommodation in Berber tents, others have swimming pools and luxury services.

Chott El-Jerid

This ancient inland sea, crossed by a tarmac road, has a shimmering surface of salt crystals. A stunning setting for magical events.

Star Wars Set

The village of “Mos Espa” hosts gala dinners, concerts, open-air film screenings and much more.

Tozeur’s Theme Parks

One theme park against a backdrop of palm trees, with demonstrations, tasting sessions of delicious products, a terrace and an amphitheatre, and another with rope climbing in the trees in a palm grove with a terrace and lounge area.


With their vast central courtyards, these buildings offer an unusual setting for your events in some stunning landscapes. Some Ksour have been restored and privatised (Ksar Ouled Soltane). Others have been converted to accommodate groups, with restaurants, rooms etc. (Ksar Ouled Debbab).

Berber Villages

There are plenty of activities to choose from here, from an introduction to rustic life, exploring arts and crafts, donkey rides, dinner in a tent… Some underground houses in Matmata have been converted into hotels for a particularly unusual setting.


Tabarka is home to this former Roman cistern, which then became a church, and now houses a small archaeological museum. In the summer, it provides a lovely setting for music festivals, including the jazz festival.


A vast forest of cork oaks on a mountain massif stretches out to the south of Tabarka, with a number of hotels nestled in the greenery.

Beaches and deserted coves

The northern coast of Tunisia has lots of stunning beaches and lesser-known sites that are perfect for outdoor events.

Traditional Houses

A whole host of traditional houses for receptions in a sophisticated, typically Tunisian environment.

Acropolium of Carthage

Formerly the Saint-Louis cathedral, this Byzantine Moorish building is perfect for cultural events, product launches and gala evenings. Capacity: seats 600.

El Djem Amphitheatre

In ancient times, this amphitheatre welcomed 30,000 spectators. Its arena is still intact, as are some of its terraces, so is suitable for large-scale events. It takes on an exceptional kind of poetry when used at night, with hundreds of candles spread around the arches.


Large-scale events can be hosted by a number of historic locations in medinas. In Sousse, a caravanserai offers a fabulous mediaeval décor for a truly spectacular event.

Hammamet Fort

This imposing fortress, dating back to the 15th-17th centuries has a large interior courtyard and terraces with panoramic views of the beach and the medina.

Landscapes of Cap Bon

A treasure hunt in the hills, adventure racing in the forest, games on a deserted beach… the natural landscapes of Cap Bon are perfect for your team building activities.

Djerba Explore

The “Djerba Explore” centre and its crocodile farm are also an event venue for gala evenings, performances, concerts and seminars (meeting rooms, audio-visual equipment)).

Traditional Houses

Houses in villages or in the countryside, surrounded by gardens, former homes have been restored and converted into hotels and guesthouses. An unusual setting for an event or to accommodate a group.

Underground Oil Presses

Old oil presses, kept underground to maintain a steady temperature, offer a surreal atmosphere with their whitewashed arches.



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