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It's time to be captivated by the many charms of Tunisia

It's so easy to fall under Tunisia's spell. It starts with the feeling of soft sand, slipping on your sunglasses and watching the sun glimmer off the white crested waves left by rainbow hued windsurfers, as they swish across the calm azure blue sea.

Some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean that seem to stretch off to infinity are an irresistible part of the appeal. The lush gardens and crystal-clear pools of your hotel or all-inclusive resort and peaceful beaches create seductive havens to sip traditional mint tea and take it easy.

To tempt you back to your luxury hotel, white-hatted chefs create authentic Tunisian dishes including fragrant couscous, colourful freshly made salads and irresistible platters with a delicious French flavour. All complemented by chilled glasses of local wine and ice-cold bottles of beer smoothly served by smiling waiters.

And when you pause to contemplate a golf getaway playing lush emerald green courses that overlook the sparkling sea, luxury spas that offer rejuvenating seawater therapy and all the latest wellness treatments, or a scuba diving holiday exploring an unspoilt coral reef – spending every moment of your all-inclusive vacation in this Mediterranean paradise is almost impossible to resist.

This superb sun holiday only gives you a small taste of the real Tunisia. One that stretches from the secluded beaches of the picturesque northern coast to the stunning palm-fringed sands around the peaceful Isle of Djerba.Whether you choose an all inclusive holiday, a traditional or boutique hotel, you will be spoilt for choice in Tunisia.

Away from the stunning coastline, this iconic country unveils more of its secrets. Even the shortest journey reveals whitewashed palaces surrounded by scented bougainvillea and narrow streets in souks where time appears to have stood still. In peaceful villages and walled medinas, graceful buildings create the perfect backdrop for memorable holiday photographs. And deeper into the heartland of Tunisia, ancient archaeological treasures beg to be explored, whilst unforgettable desert vistas shimmer under a Saharan sun.

And though all these sun-kissed distractions are closer than you would imagine. Everywhere your wanderlust takes you, you'll be pleasantly surprised how far your money goes. The price of freshly brewed coffee, your favourite tipples and ice cream treats will tempt you to try another taste. Also, you don't even need a Tunisian visa, which is one less hassle in a worry free break.

You'll also be delighted to find that as well as all-inclusive hotels and family resorts that offer every amenity you could wish for, charming boutiques offer hip hideaways that create the perfect holiday for young couples.

All these wonders are less than three hours from the UK, but you'll feel you are a million miles from other family holidays or last minute vacations. Now is the perfect time to discover every captivating aspect of welcoming Tunisia.