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Sbeitla is a small town in the central west region of Tunisia, 250km from Tunis. It is known for its remarkable Roman site and its Capitol, made up of not one but three temples, dedicated to Minerva, Jupiter and Juno, the gods who protected Rome.

What to see ?

Archaeological sites in the West

The western regions were incredibly prosperous in ancient times, and boast a wealth of treasures for amateur archaeologists. The site of Makthar, one of the largest in Tunisia, is home to some spectacular remains, like the Arch of Trajan, the Large Baths and the elegant colonnade of the School Juvenum. In Haïdra, you can see the remains of one of the largest Byzantine fortresses in North Africa, as well as a number of Christian churches. Indeed, the western regions boast extensive traces of ancient Christianity. In Sbeitla, the huge Basilica of Vitalis has a stunning basin for baptisms covered in mosaics. In the countryside, the El Gousset archways are all that remain of a large church, 33 metres long, reminding us that Tunisia was once a key stronghold for Christians in the West.

Where to sleep ?


A few hotels in Kasserine and near the archaeological site at Sbeitla.

Good to know

Sbeitla Tourism Commission

Tel.: 77 466 506 / 77 466 507 / 77 466 548

Weekly markets

Monday: Makthar. Tuesday: Kasserine. Wednesday: Sers, Sbeitla


Sbeitla Spring Festival: live shows, music (May)


Sbeitla is 250km from Tunis, 215km from Tozeur and 30km from Kasserine.