• Tunisian Tourism Health Protocol

This space is created to allow you to consult the Tunisian Tourism Health Protocol. The Protocol is now formally binding and has been adopted by all tourist-based establishments throughout Tunisia.

Tunisia ranks among the countries that best managed the COVID-19 crisis on a global scale. Indeed, thanks to rigorously targeted anticipatory measures, Tunisia has managed to contain the spread of the virus and to record low contamination rates.


Tunisian Tourism Health Protocol

The documents available in this space allow you to find out the set of hygiene and distancing measures in order to offer the best possible conditions of stay for you and your customers . These measures could be amended depending on the evolution of the health situation in Tunisia in order to guarantee a safe and healthy environment.

Poster of the Tunisian Tourism Health Protocol


Anti Covid health protocol for tunisian tourism


Watch the video summarizing the Tunisian Tourism Health Protocol

Discover the brochure of the Anti Covid-19 Tunisian Tourism Health Protocol