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Sicca Jazz : El Kef Hails the Jazz Music

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 to Saturday, March 23, 2019

Music has always helped people bond beyond any kind of boundaries. It has the magical ability to ignite the human spirit and unite folks from different backgrounds regardless of their cultural differences. Under the prevailing spirit of love and unity, El Kef, located in the north west of Tunisia, is hosting, from March 19th to 23rd the 5th edition of Sicca Jazz, an international music festival that has recently become one of the most popular events among Jazz and world music lovers.

The festivities will take place in the land of Venus to commemorate her legacy, as the embodiment of love. Indeed, the experience will be heartwarming for those who seek enticement and infatuation.

Ten concerts will be given during the official shows at El Kasbah. They will feature talented international artists known for their phenomenal live performances such as Juan Carmona, Eric Sardinas and the German band MASAA. In addition to the official shows, the artistic caravan ACT 2 will give numerous nomadic concerts in several delegations of El Kef. Siccaveneria Art Lab et and conferences on copyright will offer festival-goers a unique opportunity to learn about exciting and interesting details related to the music industry.

Sicca Jazz is open to the public and tickets will be available on the official website of the festival: Be part of the new hype and join thousands of music enthusiasts from around the globe in this memorable melodic journey.