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Return of the half-marathon to the idealistic island of Djerba

Saturday, February 18, 2023 to Sunday, February 19, 2023

After 2 years of absence, due to COVID, the half-marathon is back!

This year, the selected theme is exceptionally important: "Racing to include the idealistic island of Djerba on the UNESCO World Heritage List"; the key point is to draw the attention of UNESCO to this mythical island, where Ulysses, according to legend, fell under its spell and almost never left it!



This touristic and sporting event attracts a large number of local and foreign visitors. 1,200 runners of 15 different nationalities will be racing. This event coincides with school holidays in several European countries for a long weekend in Tunisia.



In addition to the city of Midoun marked as the starting point, the surroundings and scenery of the island of Djerba will be highlighted this year through a 21 km (13 miles) track inspired by previous editions, to allow visitors to come across exotic discoveries, such as the "Tabias" and the typical palm trees of the island to finally border the shores of the beach of "Lella Hadhria" famous for its pristine and turquoise waters and consequently allow the greatest number of local people to encourage the participants .


Meanwhile, another 5 Km "Race for all" will be held, open to all adults and children.





Mind you that the all day long before the main race takes place, a festive and musical entertainment programme as well as a mini race for young people with reduced mobility will be held in the city of Houmt-Souk in Djerba 



The environment will also assert itself as being one of the major themes of this event. A cleanliness campaign which will be launched throughout the course of this half-marathon. Several volunteers and associations will contribute for the collection of litter and will raise awareness about the preservation of the island by building up a sustainable tourism.


Finally, the island of Djerba will take advantage of this opportunity to send out to the world a strong message of peace and love among communities living together on the Island.


Welcome to all for unforgettable and exotic moments!


We invite you to frequently consult the Facebook page of the half-marathon for more information (registrations/photos and videos).