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the International Sahara Festival in Douz : An Expedition through the Sahara Gate

Thursday, December 20, 2018 to Sunday, December 23, 2018

The 51st edition of The International Sahara Festival in Douz will welcome you for a unique experience from December 20th to December 23rd in the heart of the Sahara in southern Tunisia.

The festival celebrates the rich history of the berbere culture and the Mrazig tribe that prospered in the Tunisian Sahara for decades, enlightening the region with their art, music and timeless traditions.

Travel to a magic scenery through palm trees and historical villages in Douz, where the festival takes place. Different activities are planned to take you on a memorable adventure to discover the local traditions. From a traditional wedding ceremony to music shows and horse races.

You will also enjoy the unique art that gave the region its identity. Music, galleries, documentaries and a book fair will highlight the richness of the culture that perfectly sums up the Berbere freedom and the Arabic beauty.

What better place to go in the winter than to the Sahara, where you can enjoy the sun in December while attending a historical festival that has been taking place for decades.

Whether you like music, history, sports or just want a peaceful holiday, during four days The International Sahara Festival in Douz will be the perfect place for you, your family or your relatives. Douz is always a unique place to be!

Celebrate the Berbere culture in the Tunisian Sahara and trade your cold winter days for four full days of sun, music and arts.