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International Festival Of Dromedary Races: Back to the Roots of Dromedary Routes

Saturday, December 1, 2018 to Sunday, December 2, 2018

In the era of new technology, old habits are struggling to retain the interest of the public. While this is true for most traditions, some seem to be too precious in the eyes. of many of our fellow countrymen.

Dromedary racing is one of these timeless traditions that new generations seek to preserve in Djerid, Kebeli. You won't fall under the charm of the moment until you attend the International Festival of Dromedary Races. For two days, 1st and 2nd of December 2018, this unique event will be taking place in Douz, the beating heart of the Tunisian Sahara. It's a great source of entertainment for the local community apart from its cultural and economic aims such as promoting sports tourism and encouraging investment.

This 3rd session offers a very rich program. Competitions, shows and workshops are carefully planned to introduce visitors to the art of raising dromedaries. This event also gives its attendants the opportunity to enjoy the remarkable atmosphere and admire some of the most exquisite landscapes of the Tunisian desert.

European, Asian, African and Australian guests will be among us to celebrate their passion for dromedary racing and share their knowledge about this quite uncommon sport. The event is open to the public. Don’t miss out on your chance to live an unforgettable experience in such a heavenly setting.