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Carnival of Yasmine Hammamet

Saturday, April 15, 2017 to Sunday, April 16, 2017

Like the world-famous carnivals of Notting Hill, Venice or Rio De Janeiro, the Carnival of Yasmine Hammamet offers a vivid and colorful festive experience in the heart of tourist resort of Yassmine Hammamet. For two consecutive days, 15 and 16 of April 2017, music, dance and parades will brighten up the public roads of the seaside resort. A total of 800 artists from several countries from around the world will take part in this fourth edition.

On the program this year, the Kalimaro troop from Germany, Troop of Nsoroma from Ghana, Kalkan troop from Turkey, folk dance from Tunisia, Tunisian Soufi singing, Cosplay of Star war, a vintage car show. The evening will be enchanted by the talented Delizia Léon and Essen from France as well as Akram Mag and Amel Amara from Tunisia

This carnival promises a festive atmosphere and authentic shows.