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43rd edition of the International Festival of Oases in Tozeur

Saturday, December 24, 2022 to Tuesday, December 27, 2022

So here we are at the 43rd edition of one of the flagship festivals in Tunisia: The International Festival of Oases in Tozeur, which is held this year from 24th to 27th December 2022 in the city and its surroundings.


It has been launched in 1938. It is considered as a major festival of southern Tunisia, taking place in a typical semi-Saharan landscape. It showcases the Authenticity and Heritage of the South as well as Tourism and Cultural aspects.


This festival of the city of Tozeur is the melting pot of cultural diversity and Saharan heritage in which interact all the cultures and civilisations that have passed and settled. It also celebrates the Festival of the "Palms" - of palm trees - coinciding with the harvest of the mighty dates. Moreover, it is also an occasion to commemorate the “Ancestry Day”. The ancestors came from East and West, who their legacy and cultural expressions are felt till today.

Festival Tozeur



Several Tunisian, Arab, North African and Sub- Saharan African artists are invited to perform for five evenings on the same large stage.


Street arts, entertainments, performances such as the famous "Fantasia", gastronomy and artisan markets of “Jerid” will animate the city of Tozeur.


The market place, the train station, the oasis, the medina will host events for all audiences: solos, families and all different nationalities.


Finally, other night-time events will allow contemporary music to reach out surprising places in the region such as:




the stage of SEMAIRA Square (with a daily capacity of 10,000 people), built in the oasis, is designed to accommodate the great names of national and international song performers.




The scheduled shows and concerts will be stretched over the Festival Square, located in one of the oases of the city of Tozeur, the Arts’ Square in Tebabsa, the touristic zone, the open-air theatre, and the Dar Ben Azouz space in the old medina. A -fruit- date fair and dedicated Children activities will be ongoing.




Dar ( House) Ben Azouz. This "Houch" (open air courtyard), which has been recently restored is boasting a cultural area. It is in this place which is rich of artistic history that will take place, in part, "the off stage" activities.


Very warm welcome to everyone and we look forward to sharing all together unforgettable and exotic moments!


Please check the Festival's Facebook page frequently for more information.